Customized Containers for Global Health

Clinic In A Can® specializes in making an innovative, self-contained, mobile medical clinic called a Clinic In A Can which is built in a shipping container. The container clinic is converted in the US and deployed, ready to use, anywhere in the world, providing an important resource for medical disaster relief or in areas with poor infrastructure. We already have sent these portable clinics to Haiti, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and the Philippines to provide international medical relief.

Clinic In A Can is an innovative approach to improving health care in underserved areas. By building and customizing these container clinics, we seek to enable organizations to provide sustainable medical services in underdeveloped regions and disaster areas and bring hope to those who need it the most.

Clinic In A Can is an innovative approach to improving health care in underserved areas.



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bringing innovation to medical relief

What sets Clinic In A Can apart from other container clinics?


  • The Clinic In A Can is durable and designed to survive earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters and provide a safe environment for medical treatment protected from the elements. It can be operated regardless of the state of the surrounding infrastructure.
  • The building material is treated with a EPA approved fungicide and insecticide that is non hazardous and emits no toxic fumes.   This provides long lasting and effective protection against decay fungi and other wood destroying insects.
  • Our container clinics are also resistant to small arms fire, providing a safer workplace even in dangerous locations.


  • Clinic In A Can is a division of Hospitals of Hope, a medical missions nonprofit with over 14 years of international medical relief experience. Our staff has extensive experience doing medicine and building clinics in the developing world, as well as in engineering, design, construction, and business.
  • We built our first Clinic In A Can in 2005 and have done extensive Research and Development since then, creating a high quality clinic that will prove effective for your medical facility needs.


  • A Clinic In A Can is not merely a steel shelter but an secure, temperature stable, sound-isolated environment enabling a care provider to better serve.
  • The primary downfall of using containers as buildings is the lack of insulation, causing extreme heat or cold inside the container. We have overcome this by insulating our container clinics with a spray-in polyurethane foam on all walls and the ceiling, effectively making a large thermos. By insulating it in this way, we eliminate the extreme temperatures inside and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • While inside the Clinic In A Can (with the doors closed) a care provider can easily concentrate on their work due to the 30 decibel reduction of outside noise levels – the same amount of noise reduction attained with most foam earmuff headsets(NRR28-32).


We continue to find ways to improve the quality of our clinics while increasing our environmental consciousness. Clinic In A Can is both an economical solution and an innovative design that brings quality healthcare to the underserved.

clinic wall section

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an economical solution to global health care

Over the past 10 years, there have been 17 major natural disasters around the world. As a result of these natural disasters, 800,000 people lost their lives and another 3 million people were displaced.

The magnitude of lives lost is overwhelming, though the true humanitarian emergency is meeting the needs of those millions left alive in the aftermath of the disaster.

What is immediately needed after these disasters are portable, secure, medical facilities that can be deployed rapidly to meet both the short and medium term medical needs of the survivors until more permanent medical facilities can be rebuilt. Since the survivors’ health risks increase over time due to the lack of basic medical attention, what they need the most are primary medical care centers.

What is immediately needed after these disasters are practical, secure medical facilities that can be deployed rapidly.

Many non-government organizations, churches, businesses and individuals see the dire health conditions in developing countries around the world and desire to help by building hospitals or clinics. Unfortunately, most do not realize the unimaginable and often unexpected costs and difficulties of taking on projects in the developing world.

Building a hospital is quite an undertaking. It involves a lot of time, fundraising and wading through bureaucratic red tape, in addition to the ongoing costs of equipping, operating and maintaining the hospital. Here is just one example of a project that was started with good intentions, but has since stopped because of difficulties.

most do not realize the unimaginable and often unexpected costs…
Over the past nine years, Hospitals of Hope has developed an economical solution – a self-contained clinic built out of a forty-foot shipping container called Clinic In A Can.  Each Clinic In A Can is customizable to meet the needs of the end user.

The standard design is two medical exam rooms, a laboratory and mechanical room, though containers with both radiological and surgical capabilities are also available. Once deployed, a CIC can be up and running within hours, providing essential medical care services.

These Clinic In A Cans provide non-government organizations, churches, mining companies, and other organizations a practical way to avoid many of the pitfalls involved in building in other countries, a way to make sure projects are actually completed, and, most importantly, a way to bring the medical help that they desire to give to those who need it the most.
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Clinic Videos


We design and build clinics of multiple sizes and for various applications. The following videos highlight our Premium, Economy, and Isolation units, Three different styles of clinic, three different price points, but the same level of quality build and components in each.









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