Clinic wall cross section (click to enlarge)


Structural Components

CSC certified container painted with a two-part epoxy white that resists rust and reflects the sun’s heat.
Ballistic Testing: 9mm, 38 caliber, 45 caliber resistant @ 25 feet.

Corner block concrete footings for containers that will not have cement pad base.*

5 inches / 12 cm of open cell ½ lb / .23 Kg Icynene foam insulation sprayed in the walls and ceiling resulting in a total insulation R-Value of 19 or RSI of 3.34.

Interior Framing
Framed with 9.2 cm 20-gauge galvanized steel structural studs.

Entry Doors
Commercial Steel entry doors with entrance lever door handles
M-series Heavy Duty Mortise Lock with 1” stainless steel anti-friction 1 1/8” X ½” thick dead-bolt locking mechanism with door sweep and auto closure.
Security Gate as required.

Interior Components

Walls and Ceilings
Covered with a 0.55mm full color thickness non-FRP washable surface that has been pre-laminated to a 3/8” / 1.0 cm

OSB board
OSB board has been treated with an anti-termite mineral.

Walls and ceiling are secured using both Liquid Nail Heavy Duty construction adhesive and 1 ¼” dry wall screws.

Armstrong Medley Medical Grade seamless vinyl flooring with flash coving.

Cabinets / Fixtures
Midmark Renew Style steel pressed, powder coated base and 24” tall wall cabinets with integrated locks
Stainless steel sink and gooseneck faucet, foot pedal water valve
Integrated trash door built into base cabinet with trash can.
Standard 5-year warranty.*


55 gallons / 208 liter water tank
½ hp shallow well water pump
22.75 liter pressure tank
Whirlpool 3-stage point-of-use water filter that eliminates 99.9% of all harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses.*

Rough plumbing is ½” / 1.26cm PEX tubing with brass fittings.

Air Conditioning
Daikin high efficiency 9k, 12k or 24k BTU split d/c inverted with security cage*

Rough electrical uses UL listed metal clad 12/2 solid copper wires and galvanized metal boxes
Universal duplex electrical outlets. Will accept all electrical cords plug-in.
Outlets and switches are all flush mounted in the walls to assist with infection control.
GFCI duplex outlet or circuit if an outlet is located within 6 feet of a water source.
Available in 110V or 230V, 50/60 Hz options.

Interior Lighting
Energy Efficient 2‘ X 2’ / 0.6 meter X 0.6 meter flat panel LED lighting.

Communications Technology
Clinical spaces are communication & telemedicine ready including appropriate numbered Cat 5 internal access points, Coax, standard telephone with exterior communication point access panel.*


All units are pre-built with all equipment pre-installed.

If we offer our “All-In-One” option, this means water and power equipment are pre-installed on the cargo doors for a true turn-key solution. Units are delivered with doors opened and ready for immediate use.

*Based on requirements