High-quality pre-built modular solutions for ready-to-use medical structures  

Clinic In A Can four unit Community Health Center which is fully solar powered

Clinic In A Can four unit Community Health Center which is fully solar powered

Clinic In A Can is a modular solution.

We can customize a single unit, or multiple units joined together, to provide for your specific comprehensive medical services requirements. CIAC delivers turn-key healthcare solutions that are powered from the electrical grid, a quiet diesel generator, solar panels with a lithium battery, or a hybrid combination of solar and diesel generator.   

Single unit solar powered All-In-One Clinic In A Can

Clinic In A Can 9 unit Community Health Center in Port Au Prince, Haiti

First-Quality materials and technology rolled into a resilient package

Medical professionals and patients will not realize they are inside a shipping container. They will feel like they are in a modern hospital examination room with climate control and a professional range of medical equipment, even if the clinic is in a very remote location.   

We guarantee that what we build here in Wichita, Kansas, arrives at the final destination exactly how it left our warehouse, even if it is 4,000 miles away. Units are delivered with doors opened and ready for immediate use. 

Our clinics are measurably better than what is currently manufactured in other parts of the world, though with better quality comes higher cost. Quality is found not just in the final product, but in the critical engineering from start to finish. 

Great engineering, quality materials and perfected construction ensures that the clinics you purchase from us are low maintenance, structurally sound, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing. Our clinics meet or exceed all codes and are long-lasting.  

Clinic In A Can 9 Unit Community Health Center