Years ago, a Kenyan man told us the story of his sister, who had come home to have her first baby.  While home, she began running a fever, and the family decided to take her to the nearest hospital – 10 miles away through rough terrain.  Utilizing their only method of transportation, the family took turns pushing and pulling their ailing relative in a wheelbarrow.  Somewhere between their village and the hospital, she and the baby died.

Over the years, we have heard many such stories and witnessed their effects first-hand.  Too often people suffer and die needlessly without receiving simple medical treatment.

Many seek to build traditional hospitals for communities in developing countries.  Often, however, the cost, time, and government limitations make this impractical and unobtainable.  In spite of these obstacles, something must be done to bring help and hope to communities with in which no healthcare facilities exist within hours' or even days' distance.

Clinic In A Can was conceived in 2002 as a solution to this problem.  We desire to transform communities by manufacturing affordable, relocatable medical facilities, equipping local doctors and nurses to do what they do best: care for those in need.  We have taken great pains to develop our platform from the highest quality components, with sustainability and longevity in mind.  Geography shouldn't be the deciding factor if someone lives or dies.

Together, we can change healthcare.